India is steeped in tradition and culture, making it one of the unique countries in the world. And with all this culture comes a deep sense of pride that permeates every aspect of Indian life, including fashion. From Indian salwar kameez and suits to more modern drapes like kurtas and lungis, Indian clothing covers every aspect of a citizen's life - whether they are going to work or the market or celebrating an auspicious occasion like an engagement or a wedding. 

Top 3 Indian Traditional Dress for the Modern Wardrobe 

Gracious Salwar Suit  

One of the most timeless examples of Indian suits is the Salwar suit. No matter the occasion - formal office wear, weddings, festivals, or day outings - the Salwar Suit brings out the essence of Indian wear and looks good at any age. 

This traditional garment has remained relevant through several fashion timelines and evolved to characterize new styles in modern clothing while maintaining the essence of timeless fashion. 

silk kurta for women

Elegant Kurtis 

Stylish ethnic wear with an elegant look. Modern and stylish Kurtis are famous among almost all women. Every other Indian woman loves to wear them anyway because of their wide range. It can be paired with jeans, pants, leggings, skirts, etc. These stylish and silk kurta for women are available in different designs, colors, and fabrics, from short to knee length, solid color print, and plain embroidery.

This makes them a remarkable choice for any function. Whether silk, chiffon, georgette, or cotton, they look gorgeous in rich, vibrant colors and give back your desired look. Every Indian woman has a pair of Kurtis hanging in her wardrobe. You can pair it with simple matching earrings and  Kada. 

Scintillating Stunning traditional suits 

How can we forget the ever-elegant, iconic, and trendy traditional ethnic wear, the suit? Classic and elegant Indian traditional wear is admired by women all over India and even in southern countries. With countless iconic changes and wow accessories throughout the ages, it slims and shows off a woman's features and expresses their elegance and innocence with a traditional feel. Be it any occasion, party-ready Banarasi heavy suits, Kanjivaram suits, or Jamdani is your party savior every time. You can combine it with authentic jewelry, bracelets, and wallets. Cotton fabric suits are the best choice for easy portability. 

Indian traditional wear

Choose the Perfect Wear for your Modern Wardrobe 

Shopping Kurti online is about articulating your Indian roots in your wardrobe most uniquely and stylishly. Many women tend to buy Kurtis online in India because it saves them time, and Kurtis is always a perfect outfit for various gatherings. 

Online shopping for Kurtis for women is a great idea. Whether you're looking for comfortable clothes or stylish clothes for endless video conferencing, there's something for every occasion. Be it  A-line Kurtas, Anarkali Kurtas, Short Kurtas, Straight Kurtas, Short Tops etc. Kushni has a wide range of kurta styles for every taste. 

Try the must-have style from Kushni. 

Your wardrobe expresses not only your fashion style but also your personality and who you are as an individual. It is your reflection. That's why having the best clothes in your closet is essential. And what is better than authentic and original Indian ethnic wear? We can all know that there is no more stunning eyesight than a woman wearing traditional Indian clothes. It gives you a special power factor while adding elegance and class to your look. It will make Indian ethnicity your wardrobe.