Our personal styling choices at work define how professional we are perceived to be and reveal a little something about our personality. You don't want to concentrate on just one component when picking the appropriate Indian traditional dress for women's attire for the workplace; instead, you want your attire to reflect every facet of your personality positively! Is it not? Where you discover the clothing that allows your confidence to scream at work is the question that now arises. You don't need to look any further because kushni includes fashionable work attire for Indian women to feel solid and professional.

Here are some of the best looks for Giving Ethnic Indian Ethnic Wear a Modern Chic Twist

1- The Yoko & Zia set - Crafted in handloom cotton

Yoko Oversized Kurta

A modern take on the traditional Indian kurta? Check out our Yoko Oversized Kurta by Kushni, made from handloom cotton, for a breathable and comfortable fit. This kurta features a chic oversized silhouette, making it perfect for crisp yet comfortable fit. The handloom cotton fabric is lightweight and perfect for summers, while the longer length makes this kurta ideal for pairing with our tapering Handloom Zia pants.

2- Classic Kushni Set

classic kushni set

The clothing you wear to work is only one aspect of workwear. Wearing incorrect work attire might make you feel weak, unprofessional, and unfashionable. A working lady requires more professional clothes than casual ones to appear competent and confident at work. The straightforward classic kushni set with Cotton Mul Lining is one thing to include in your collection. In India, this costume is always appropriate!

3- Yoko Silk Kurta

Yoko Silk Kurta

With Yoko Silk Kurta, you can create a classic, professional look for the office. The pink fabric is buttery soft and has beautiful off-white stripes on it. Plus, It is also buttoned up at the neck to keep the look professional.

Here are some tips on how to style a Yoko silk kurta for the workplace:- Pair it with straight-leg pants or a pencil skirt for a sleek and professional look.- Add a pop of color with a scarf or dupatta (traditional Indian scarf) in a contrasting hue.- Layer it over a collared shirt for an effortlessly chic look.- Keep it simple and classic by pairing it with black trousers and nude heels.

4- Ono Oversized Shirt in Handloom Cotton

Ono Oversized Shirt in Handloom Cotton

Women who work are constantly searching for professional-looking yet comfy clothing. Finding clothing that combines these two elements while remaining fashionable can be challenging. Starting with the Ono Oversized Shirt in Handloom Cotton, which is simple to wear, has a design that fits your taste, and is stylish, will make it easier for you.

Well, all you need to feel attractive and assertive at work is our Ono Oversized Shirt in Handloom Cotton.

5- Azma Choga In Handloom Cotton

Azma Choga in Handloom Cotton

The new Sacred Azma Choga in Handloom Cotton from the Kushni has a feminine touch with vibrant prints and bold silhouettes.  Azma Choga in Handloom Cotton is the perfect way to add a touch of ethnic Indian flair to your workwear wardrobe. This beautiful handloom cotton choga features intricate embroidery and a stylish silhouette sure to turn heads. Pair it with a tailored blazer and trousers for a modern twist on the traditional Indian choga look.


While it may be tempting to dress all in black for a professional environment, doing so won't make you stand out. The secret is to look fabulous, add a flash of color, personalize your style with a spectacular necklace or pair of earrings, and dress like your boss. These eight women's costumes from the Kushni can help you seem ethnic wear online without sacrificing professionalism, whether you work in an office setting or an environment that requires a uniform that looks professional.

February 01, 2023 — kushni inc